The changing scene of yacht crew jobs

The changing scene of yacht crew jobs

The yachting industry is in constant flux, with yacht owners constantly adapting yacht crew jobs to seasonal demands and yachting trends. With unprecedented growth in the superyacht industry, there has been an increased demand for the professional and experienced crew, especially those with specialist skills.

If you’re looking to break into the industry, then keep on reading. Louise Cailbourdin, a crewing manager with a specialist yacht crew recruitment agency, The Crew Network, shared some insights about the current demands for the crew, the most popular yacht crew jobs, as well as some of the latest crew trends on the world’s most luxurious yachts.

What are the most popular yacht crew jobs right now?

“We are coming to the end of the seasonal surge of requests for stews, stewardesses, deckhands, and chefs. There is also a noticeable flurry of smaller motor and sailing yachts seeking qualified yacht crew, especially seasonal captains, engineers, cooks, and stews. We are also seeing an increased number of requests for Covid-19 vaccinated relief crew in less common cruising areas, such as the Indian Ocean and the Middle East, to cover periods of annual leave. Of course, we regularly have last-minute requests for any yacht crew jobs on board due to a new yacht purchase or existing crew moving on.”


How have yacht crew jobs changed, especially in the light of Covid-19?

“We are seeing an increasing number of crew taking wellness-related courses. Covid-19 has often made people rethink their lives and brought out their altruistic sides. In parallel, there is a growing sensitivity amongst crew for preserving the marine environment. You will often notice social media posts of yacht crew taking part in beach clean-ups or showing pride in the ecologically friendly procedures onboard their vessel.

“More than anything, the precarity of the Covid-19 pandemic led many senior crews to remain in place, feeling fortunate when they were kept on board by the owner in 2020. However, as the situation in Europe improved at the start of the 2021 summer season, crew movement has resumed to normality.”


What new emerging yacht crew jobs are you seeing a growing demand for?

“We are noticing specialist roles becoming increasingly common with more yachts, especially those in the 70-meter plus and 100-meter plus ranges, as well as explorer style vessels traveling to remote areas. Yacht crew jobs such as chief engineer with dynamic positioning, marine technician, science technology officer, helicopter pilot, and nurse or paramedic are becoming more regularly requested yacht crew jobs with captains and owners.

“At the same time, we are noticing an even greater diversity in the nationalities of the crew we place. For example, a recent small sample of 20 hires was made up of 16 different nationalities from Europe, Scandinavia, Africa, the Americas, Southeast Asia, and Australasia. The yachting industry is truly globalized.”

What yacht crew jobs continue to be popular?

“Apart from the standard deck, engine, interior, and galley positions, we often receive requests for yacht crew jobs covering dual roles or with additional skills and qualifications, for example, second engineer-electrical technical officer, stewardess-beautician, deckhand-water sports instructor, and deckhand-security guard.”

What yacht crew jobs are currently the hardest to place?

“Captains and heads of department roles on large yachts that don’t offer rotation, when rotation is the industry norm for these positions. Any yacht crew job where the salary package is considered below industry standards, as well as junior yacht crew jobs where fully Covid-19 vaccinated candidates are required at short notice.”

What is the best way to secure a yacht crew job?

“The best way to secure a yacht crew job is to work with an experienced yacht crew recruitment agent. A yacht crew agency will be able to advise on the best yacht crew job to suit your skills, experience, and career goals.”